Gardening for Beginners: Session 2

Gardening for Beginners Session 2 will be on Saturday 22nd April at 2pm so I look forward to welcoming old and new people back. Here at Rockvale, Spring is in full swing – the borders are growing fast and lots of plants are in flower, the polytunnel is filling up and the fruit trees and bushes are coming into glorious blossom. It’s an exciting time in the garden so I hope to inspire everyone to get out and get gardening!

In this session, I plan to cover:
• Division of potted plants and herbs (for Fionn, whose question about mint didn’t get answered
last time)
• Pots and containers for summer – and by the way, don’t buy those petunias and lobelias too
early, no matter how tempted you are! They are NOT frost hardy and it’s too cold for them until
mid-May, unless you can keep them in a polytunnel or greenhouse.
• Pricking out seedlings and succession sowing
• Compost-making
• Weed and pest control
• Fertilisers and when to apply them
• Wildlife gardening – why do it and how does wildlife help the gardener?
• Plant propagation (1) – layering and soft cuttings

But this course is about YOUR gardens, so if anybody has any topics they would like me to cover particularly, please let me know. And of course, there will be tea and cake and some good craic. We have herbs growing well, so you can pick your own teas… Fingers crossed we get the same lovely weather we had last time. Meanwhile, here are some photos to whet your appetites. Enjoy the Easter break, I hope you can get out and enjoy your own gardens, or out for some walks in our lovely countryside.

Dates for your Diaries: We will be opening the garden for people to look at the orchids in the Perennial Wildflower Meadow as part of the Burren in Bloom festival on May 20th from 11.30-12.30. Then we have our Open Day for charity on June 11th from 11-4pm, where we will be supporting Irish Seed Savers and Cystic Fibrosis Galway Hospital Group. Last year we raised over €700, so we hope to beat that this year!

About Terri Shoosmith

Terri Shoosmith is a historian, writer, gardener and grandmother. She has been growing flowers, fruit and vegetables for thirty years and returned to college as a mature student, gaining a BA, MA and PhD in Irish History. She is also a published author and enjoys walking her dog, writing stories for her grandchildren and creating, with her artist husband Alan, a garden which is a rich habitat for wildlife.

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