Gardening for Beginners: Session 3

Gardening for Beginners Session 3 takes place on Saturday May 13th at 2pm. We’ll be doing some more on cuttings for the people who weren’t here last time, using the new propagation shed, which has much better light than the old one, and feeding your patio pots, window boxes and vegetables over summer. We’ll move on to encouraging wildlife in your garden: why we all need to support the natural world in our gardens, how to create a diversity of habitats and all the ways in which wild creatures help us as gardeners.

That completes the outline for the course. We’ll hopefully have time then to cover individual problems or questions, have a look round the gardens here at Rockvale and ask about plants you especially like. I’ll have gardening books available to browse through too.

We are currently planning a major change to the unused and ugly part of the driveway, so you can see in practice how we are making plans to create a whole new section of garden over the later part of the summer, autumn and winter.

Looking ahead into summer and autumn,  if people were interested, I could arrange group visits to my favourite local gardens. I would also be happy to run a series of autumn courses covering late-summer propagation, planning for spring, bulbs and winter colour, soil protection over winter and pruning if people would like it.

And, of course, there will be tea, coffee, cake and good company as usual.

Meanwhile we have been busy weeding, watering in this dry weather, and most of all enjoying watch the garden burst into colour and life. We have eaten the first strawberries for breakfast with many, many more to come, and are enjoying a plethora of salads. The new potatoes in the polytunnel are already in flower so we could have our first salad potatoes by the end of the month. Potatoes, home-grown salad, and a nice piece of fish sprinkled with herbs…. you couldn’t get better at a four-star restaurant!

Orchard in flower at Rockvale

New propagation shed

Studio garden and vegetable beds


About Terri Shoosmith

Terri Shoosmith is a historian, writer, gardener and grandmother. She has been growing flowers, fruit and vegetables for thirty years and returned to college as a mature student, gaining a BA, MA and PhD in Irish History. She is also a published author and enjoys walking her dog, writing stories for her grandchildren and creating, with her artist husband Alan, a garden which is a rich habitat for wildlife.

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